Toronto Fashion Week 2015

One of my dreams came true last week. I went to Toronto Fashion Week, also known as World Mastercard Fashion Week. Before I get into the good stuff, let me give you some background info on why this has been a dream of mine.
Photo Credit: Augustine Ng
When I started a blog roughly two years ago is when I actually started investing time and effort into gaining knowledge of the fashion industry. At that time, I also found out about this thing called "Fashion week" (which I never knew about before) held in cities worldwide including Toronto. Every time there would be a fashion week, I would spend hours scrolling through photos from the runway and getting inspired by street style photos. It's what I live for. At one point, I would even watch live shows online during class.
At the time, I wanted to go so badly so I figured I would volunteer. Unfortunately the minimum age to volunteer at TFW was 18 so I waited until the year after. After I turned 18, I noticed they changed the volunteer age limit to 19. This bummed me out big time.
I recently turned 19, which also happens to be the minimum age to attend a show and also happened to land during Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015. It could not have worked out any better. Here is my day 1 of Fashion Week.
My first of two looks was more of a safe route outfit. I wasn't sure if I wanted something professional or casual so I went for an in-between. I was also filled with nervousness and excitement that I just wanted something I new I would be comfortable in.
RW&Co Blazer (similar)

The first show I went to was Kania, a luxury sweatshirt designer and brand. What I loved about this show was that it started and ended off with a dancer doing mostly ballet. It was something so unexpected and unique to add to a show.

When I first arrived, I felt really out of place. Everyone looked good, knew people and knew how to act. Also, I felt an odd vibe when I was in the tent. It felt like I didn't belong, and that everyone was kind of 'snobby' and doing their own thing. Let me tell you, I had expectations from what I see online from fashion weeks and the first time I went that afternoon did not fill my expectations. It wasn't the show, it was the just environment.
Things changed later that night.
At around 9:00p.m. was the Rudsak show. This was a big runway show that was going to be a full house and everyone who is anyone was going to be there, so I heard. After having dinner with one of my good friends Olivia, I went back to the tent at David Pecaut Square about a half hour before the Rudsak show. This time, I felt a completely different vibe; a good vibe; an inspiring vibe; a motivation type of vibe. That was exactly how I imagined it to be like.
I walked around squeezing by all the fashionistas trying to find the line for the show while also exploring the reception area of the tent. Next thing I knew, I was walking by big-time bloggers I loved, models, and people who looked like they played a big role in the fashion industry. It was remarkable and I loved every second of it.
At one point, I overheard a fashion student talking to her friends about how she gave her business card to a fashion designer. This was the perfect networking opportunity.
One thing I regret not going to that night were the after parties. I really wish I went but I was just way too exhausted after a long day of shooting and fashion shows (first world problems at it's finest).
Also, this Rudsak show was probably my favourite from the week. I ended up sitting beside a very lovely lady named Carla. Her nephew walked in the show and this was going to be her first time seeing him walk the runway (P.S. he did a great job.)
Here is part two of my fashion week experience.
fw13 fw12 fw11 fw14 fw15
For my birthday and before my third show of fashion week, I had brunch at the Drake Hotel with my mom. I can't even put it in words of how good this brunch was. It definitely looks as good as it tastes.
As a little dessert after brunch I got a banana pie. This was magnificent. It was unlike any other pie I ate and if you are a lover of bananas, you will love this.
fw17 fw16 fw19
What I wore? I particularly loved this outfit I put together. It was simple, more comfortable and more my style which I'd like to describe as preppy and professional with some edge.
Today's shows included Tatsuaki and Jaan Choxi. Tatsuaki's show was based around the theme of aliens and what he had to present was really different and interesting. The photo below is an image I took from his show.
As I begin to create or 'find' my style, I realize that I enjoy wearing men's pieces weaved in with preppy and girly looks. I also enjoy men's fashion a lot too which is why I loved the Jaan Choxi show. He is a menswear designer and created looks and pieces I would have never even thought of until that point.
One thing I want to talk about are street style photographers. I live for street style and photographers taking photos of street style. Like I mentioned before, during fashion week seasons, I will scroll through hundreds of street style looks from fashion weeks. I'm not going to lie, when I saw the street style photographers outside the tent, I was filled with excitement. It's not because I wanted to be photographed, but because I was witnessing the behind the scenes of the street style photography I see online. I found it so fascinating.

That basically wraps up my week. It was a wonderful experience and I am so grateful that I got to attend a Fashion Week.

Janine Maral