2016 Reflections, 2017 Motivations

To: 2017 Me

From: 2016 Me

I'm currently sitting on the soft sand at a beach in southern Florida, listening to Leandra Medine’s podcast called Monocycle, as I writing this in the notes section of my phone. 

This is the first year that I'm really naturally reflecting on the past 360-something days from what I enjoyed of it, the things that I could've and should've done but didn't, and my personal and professional growth.

Right now, I'm not feeling too great about 2016; I wish I worked on creating better content for my own personal brand or putting my time into my blog. I also wish I went after the things I really wanted. But perhaps as I continue writing this reflection and see how the year came together, it may not be as bad as I think.


This year, I found out I'd be moving to another country, across the sea for a few months to study. Planning that out this year was already a surreal experience. I also worked among other talented individuals throughout the year and actually worked to produce video content for brands, something I've always wanted to try out. I worked with Buffer Festival in being the lead editor of their magazine and had the opportunity to interview several incredible content creators. I was flown to Anaheim for VidCon and made so many new friends that share the same passion for online video creation as I do. I'm also so grateful to have visited a few cities around North America this year like Montreal, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Putting it this way, my year wasn't the worst. Breaking it down, it was actually better than what I thought it was, but why do I still feel so unaccomplished? like I'm not moving my professional life forward?

I think it's because I'm constantly thinking ahead of time on the stresses that may or will come up that I'm not really enjoying or giving myself credit for the present and my mini daily successes. In 2017, I want to change that, along with a few other things.

A few things I want to ACCOMPLISH throughout next year:

  • Tell more stories of places I travel to and continue writing profiles on people I admire
  • Start journaling everyday
  • Practice taking more photos and challenge myself to find new perspectives of my surroundings
  • Not being too uptight; breaking the wall around me down piece by piece

What I want to DO next year:

  • Go to Paris, Milan, or London fashion week to photograph street style
  • Blog every two weeks, post consistently on social platforms too
  • Collaborate more with people, brands, and places

As a whole, I've decided that my 2017 motto is, "Do something today that your future self would thank you for." I'm thankful to myself for how I seized 2016, and hoping for the best in 2017.

As always, strive to keep on blooming no matter what the conditions are.

Here's to....