March Madness

rom pic2 flowers I'd like to take this time, and this post, to reflect on my life throughout the month of March. You might have been able to tell how busy I was due to the lack of posts. March is usually one of my most favourite months, partly because it's my birthday month and because it's the start of the spring season. Here are some of my highlights.

In the beginning of the month, my good friend came back from Montreal where she studies and we had a lovely time together. We went out for thai food and crepes in downtown Toronto. Later on in the beginning of the month, I went to an inspiring panel all about the creativity, entrepreneurship, and breaking into the media industry. My favourite bloggers, Kastor & Pollux, were at this panel and I actually got the chance to talk to them afterwards.

Mid-March, my friend Tamar and I went out and had a successful photo shoot and eventful day all together. At this point, I learned how to be comfortable in front of the camera because I never really was before hand. March 20th was macaron day! Because I am a basic blogger, I bought macarons, obviously. I went out for brunch later that day with my friends Chloe and Natasha. Deliciousness. During this time, I was emailing blogger Nikki AKA The Stylish Foodie, asking to do a profile on her for a class. I got to interview her, and later on in March, we did a shoot together! It was seriously the best, I learned so much from her, and I'm so grateful I got to meet such a wonderful person!The last full week of March was Toronto Fashion Week and a few days before, I found out I was going to four shows. The level of excitement I felt was unreal. You'll definitely hear more about that in my fashion week post!

Friday, March 27th was my birthday. I spent it with brunch, two fashion shows, then a Journalism gala! The day was filled with lots of food, fashion and friends. The night after was spent with my good high school friends and a cute dinner and sparkling wine (because we are just so fancy). The sunday of that weekend was spent with my family and lots of card games and cake!

Because March was my last full mont of school somewhere between all these events within this crazy month, I had to write 4 mid-terms, a research paper, a group project, and other pieces of journalism while also making it to all my classes.

I'm so grateful for everything that went on this month and in my life in general! All the people i've met and the knowledge and experience i've gained. Although i've been lacking on my blog, I have big plans come up within the next few months.

P.S. Thank YOU.


Janine Maral