Postcards from Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

I've always wanted to visit Copenhagen but never thought I actually would. Well, it happened! I thought I'd might as well take advantage of the fact that I'm living abroad and literally only an hour flight away from the city.

Being there for the weekend, about 3 days, was plenty of time to see the city. My favourite part was Torvehallerne, a market with tons of food and blooms and of course Nyhavn, the street with all the colourful buildings. I also really loved seeing Tivoli Gardens, which apparently is the second oldest running amusement park and it's located right in the centre of the city. Though I didn't go inside because they open in April, it was still really interesting to see from the outside.

St. Patrick's Day in Copenhagen was also a good time. People on the streets in green, traditional Irish music in the main square, and Irish pubs overflowing with people. Definitely and experience I'll remember.