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The Parisian Lifestyle

static1.squarespace There's something about Paris and that lifestyle that makes me want to live and breath everything Parisian. This Parisian love started when I made my first brief visit when I was a child. I don't remember much, but I do remember waking up and looking out to a remarkable view, walking up the brick roads in the city centre and seeing how rich the grass was in front of the Eiffel Tower. I haven't been back since, but hopefully soon.

After I started blogging, I remember hearing about Paris In Four Months AKA Carin Olsson through my friend AbbyI fell in love with her photography, the aesthetic of her blog, and the life she lives in Paris. The on-and-off obsession with Paris continued to grew from there.

I recently created a Pinterest board to feed into my Parisian musings, and I decided to share with you bits of what I love about the lifestyle and photos that inspire me.

P.S. I am not {yet} reading 'How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are'... but it's definitely at the top of my summer reading list.


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One thing that I love when I visit new cities is architecture. I love to find anywhere from detailed buildings to colourful doors and from photos I see on Pinterest, Paris seems to have it all.


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Classic 'blogger' treat. I never understood macarons. I tried a pre-packaged box of macarons I found at Costco and didn't enjoy it. But after having the real, fresh macaron, I get what the hype is all about.

One of my new favourite hobbies is trying macarons from different locations wherever I go. So far, in Toronto, my favourite has to be salted caramel from Butter Avenue. All their macarons in general are so fresh and the vibe of their stores are Parisian-like as well. I've also gone to Laduree in Miami and obviously had to try all the macarons they had to offer. I loved their macarons and I'm sure they taste even better in Paree!


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When I think of Parisian style, the first thing that comes to my mind are striped shirts. As I am slowly trying to integrate bits of 'Parisian' into my life, I thought going with a piece that has 'Parisian' all over it would be a good place to start.

A fashion piece that I am easing into are neck scarfs. I don't know much about when trends are 'big' or fashion seasons but I do know that I am loving neck scarves right now. I've always been a big scarf person (seriously my scarf collection is embarrassing), and I only own one neck scarf. The thing is, I am kind of shy to wear it because i'm worried that I'm not 'doing it right.' But after seeing how other bloggers, like Man Repeller wears them, I'm ready to build up my collection and rock it through any season. Also, I love how you don't even have to wear it on your neck but even around your wrist, or your bag too! I never knew that was a thing! (Bad fashion blogger).


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A set of fresh flowers always makes my day and when I see peonies, it reminds of Parisian living. I find peonies so hard to get ahold of in Toronto though.. maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

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I think that's enough Parisian inspiration for one post! But if it's not, you can find my parisian Pinterest boardhereDisclaimer: I do not own the photos above.

Thanks for reading along and see you soon! Janine Maral.