South Beach Diary, Miami

South Beach Diary, Miami

IMG_4504IMG_4738IMG_4798IMG_4839IMG_4801IMG_4582 IMG_4589IMG_4847 IMG_4874 IMG_4889 IMG_4895 IMG_4906 IMG_4927 IMG_4933 IMG_4938 IMG_4963 We just so happened to be in Miami on New Year's Eve Eve, and on that day there was a beach concert featuring Imagine Dragons and Macklemore. Um, yes please! Macklemore played my current favourite song - Downtown - which I missed a bit of but I was so grateful to hear live. What are the chances? Both the concert was packed and Miami beach itself too - filled with people getting ready to ring in the new year.

Earlier that day, we explored Miami beach, starting at the SLS hotel, making our way to the Art Deco district, and to Lincoln Avenue where we had Laduree (always a must). I had the entire day planned out with all the spots we would hit up. Total, we walked around 12 km. That's what happens when you travel with a blogger who's on a time crunch and wants to visit every spot in the city.

Throughout our excursions, we found a man selling fresh coconut. He first cut open a square at the top and slid a straw through so we could drink all the coconut juices. He then smashed the coconut to the brick floor to crack it open and created a spoon out of the shell to eat the meat. Where can I get fresh coconut like that in Toronto?

If I were to recommend you one place to eat in South Beach, Miami, it would be Pizza Rustica on Lincoln Ave. I've never tasted or seen such beautifully crafted pizza with stringy cheese and the right amount of tomato sauce. Seriously, one of the best pizza places ever.

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