Venice Lovin'

Venice Lovin'

I just got back from Italy yesterday! It was my third time there and once again, I fell in love with it all. This time I went to Venice for the first time for 2 nights and everything about it was beautiful. My image of Venice was way different than what it actually looked like (in a good way). I took almost 1500 pictures and these are the special chosen ones that are put in a post! Enjoy!



Kind of looks like a movie scene.


Mask stores were everywhere. I bought one too!


These water fountains around the city were very helpful. The heat was just insane but these water fountains helped cool down.

You can't go to Italy and not get gelato...


Feeding the birds in S. Marco! It was super scary because there were so many of them and they were flying all around.



The mother and me.

And then a bird pooped on my cousin. hahahahah!







The view from an Armenian island in Venice called San Lazzaro.




Day 2!




Classic jumping picture.

I was too proud of this braid I did on my cousin's hair.

The eating never ends...

Quick selfie!

Obviously I went on a gondola ride as well. It was well worth it and very beautiful!




Love me some fresh coconuts at the end of a tiring day!


All in all, Venice is a beautiful city. The people are kind and the views are amazing. If only it wasn't so extremely hot!
Next stop: Verona, Italy!
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