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New Year, New You

LifeJanine Maral
New Year, New You

The start of a new year does not have to be the main motive to a fresh start, or to achieve your goals. Every day, every minute, and even every second is an opportunity for a new start. For most however, the beginning of a new year gives the opportunity to start fresh, as they say, “New year, new me.” I, completely fall under this “new year, new me thing.” This year, let’s make the most of it and stick to our goals or anything you want to accomplish, not just for the first month or even the first week.

Let me start off by saying, when I say “make the most of the new year,” this does not limit to just accomplishing your goals. It means seizing opportunities, reminding yourself each day to appreciate the life you live and admiring all the beauty that is, earth.
Those three things I just listed are already three ways you can make the most of the new year: don’t be afraid to say no to opportunities, take risks, and start each day with gratefulness and appreciation.
Here are a few tips to help your fresh start and the new year.
  • Allow time for meditation every morning. Yes, some of us don’t have time to do this in the morning but starting off each day with a clear mind will give you a fresh start everyday alone. Make this a habit every morning and you will continuously do it throughout the year, just like the simple habit of brushing your teeth. Side note: Try to meditate sitting down with your legs crossed rather than in bed, you might fall back to sleep. Oops!
  • Write out your goals for the day, month, year and put them somewhere visible. By visible I mean somewhere you will look to every day as a reminder. You can tape it to your bathroom mirror, to your door, place them on your side table, or even slide it in between your laptop if your laptop is something you use every day (like me).
  • Do one thing a day that scares you. Sound familiar? This can mean anything from booking a trip to a city you’ve always wanted visit to answering a question in class. There are no limits. The only limit is you. By doing this, you will step out of your comfort zone. Remember, “New year, new me."
For those who want to GET FIT, GET HEALTHY, or LOSE WEIGHT during the new year....
(Side note: I am no expert in fitness, these are just tips I think would be effective and some I will use in the new year)
  • Do something active every day like taking the stairs instead of escalator, walking to work, or going to a yoga class.
  • Keep balance proportions. 80% healthy / 20% other foods during the week.
  • Create a food diary or plan out meals. This will make you really watch what you eat.
I really hope this post helps you with your new year. Here comes the motivation words throw up.
Remember, you have the power to accomplish anything. The only thing stopping you is yourself: create opportunities, take risks, follow and achieve your goals. You are possible.
Good luck and Happy New Y(ou)ear.
Janine Maral