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New Reads Vol. 2

LifeJanine Maral
New Reads Vol. 2
The first volume of this mini series was posted over two months ago and during that time, I have been rounding up my new and favourite reads thus far. Let's get started!
Website -
MTV Fora is my guilty pleasure, my dream job field, my everything. I literally spend and have spent countless hours reading their posts compiled by their dream team. One of my favourite 'series' are their girl guides where they interview awesome females in the world.
Blog -
Goodness do I ever want to have Rosie's life. Her blog is my particular favourite because she posts her everyday life displaying her travels, delicious recipes and fashion inspiration. I read her blog religiously and am motivated by her lifestyle.
Book - Eleanor & Park
I just finished this book and I loved every bit of it. It's a story of an undefined romance between two teens. It's unlike any other teen romance novel out there because this one is unique and shows the raw truth of some individuals lives. At first, I didn't think I would be fond of it as it takes place in the 1980's but I think that was the one part I especially loved about the story. It pulled it all together.
Youtube - Tyler Oakley
Of course, my queen, my everything and the one and only Tyler Oakley has to be who i've been watching on Youtube a ton lately. This month he is doing Auguest, posting a collaboration video every Monday through Friday. As busy of a life he has, he always seems to put in 100% effort in whatever he does even if it is something small. Inspiring and amazing person all around.
Instagram - Chiara Ferragni
One of the biggest bloggers ever, Chiara Ferragni's instagram is everything. I love following her on her adventures around the world. She just never seems to stop! #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops. It's remarkable how much she travels and how many places she's been even in the past month alone. Every time one of her photos on instagram comes up, it reminds me of how inspiring she is and keeps me motivated with anything I do in life.
Facebook Page - Class is Internal
I've really been enjoying Class is Internal's AKA Sonya Esman's facebook page. She posts great photos of her days and keeps them consistent. I also am a huge fan of her blog and youtube channels!
App - VSCO Cam
This app is everything you have ever wanted and needed. It's the perfect photo editing app and makes any photo look outstanding. I can't stop using it!

Best, Janine Maral