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LifeJanine Maral
Magazines I Love
As a journalism student, I am a lover of magazines, both hard copy and digital. After blogging, reading magazines and articles is how I enjoy spending my free time. One of my goals in life is to actually create an online magazine of my own one day. Not just a blog that I call an online magazine but an actual well-established website with a team. One day will become some day.
There have been so many recent new magazine discoveries which I have been thoroughly loving.
Flare Magazine
Flare Magazine has been Canada's go-to fashion magazine for over 30 years. They have great content and articles not only on fashion, but also on beauty and lifestyle topics. I remember Flare being one of the first magazines I started reading and thinking that interning or even possibly working there one day would be a dream come true.
I love print media, especially magazines but in today's day and age, most things are going digital. I love how Flare also stays active on their social media platforms and on their website, which of course, I always stay up-to-date with.
A Little Opulent
A Little Opulent is a fairly new online lifestyle magazine created by From Roses (Rebecca) and JennyPurr (Jen). Both co-founders and their team post consistent and well developed content which I thoroughly enjoy catching up on daily. They post a diverse selection of content, anywhere from home & living to culture & beauty. I also love how their website layout is straightforward and simple.
I literally started reading their online magazine when they newly created it around two-three months ago and instantly fell in love. Most of my personal blog inspiration and motivation comes from ALO. It's remarkable the rate they are growing at while also posting fantastic content.
The Zoe Report
This final online magazine is a recent discovery I have been obsessed with. Rachel Zoe and her team post content on such interesting and helpful topics especially on style and beauty.
Since I am fairly new to this website I don't have much else to say about it but so far, completely in love.
Which magazines have you been loving?
:: Janine Maral