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Life in the Munich City

TravelJanine Maral
Life in the Munich City


I woke up this morning knowing I was going to head to the city for my first time in Munich. Before heading to the train, I saw this pink phone and obviously had to take a picture with it.



As soon as I got to the city, I went to the sports store to get a customized Bayern Munich shirt for my friend before I forgot. I tend to be very forgetful.
I love how around every corner, there are water fountains with clean water where you can fill up your bottle and drink from. This came into good use since it was about 32 degrees today.



Louis Vuitton, I will own an item from you one day.



We also stopped by this church. I think it is about 1500 years old. Crazy.



There is a market here with basically every fruit and vegetable ever imagined, but it is quite expensive.


Classic German beer. No worries! I didn't finish the whole thing! Just had a little sip since I am legal here.
I went to this chocolate store. Chocolate with popcorn? Yes. it's like a dream come true. I always eat chocolate and popcorn together, therefore, I had to purchase this.


Largest. Bar. Of. Toblerone. Ever.



I was on the hunt for Brandy Melville and found it! It was a magical experience in a different country.



No joke, there is literally an H&M around every corner. I think I saw around 5 different H&M stores. Crazy!


To end off this tiring day, I bought myself some Starbucks. I got the Very Berry drink. I think it is not sweet enough but that's because I'm used to sweet drinks. Otherwise, it was delicious and refreshing.
I am totally going back to the city. I loved it there too much and maybe on a cooler day.
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