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Favourites In The Digital World - Part II

LifeJanine Maral
Favourites In The Digital World - Part II
As I mentioned in my last post, here is part II of a recent round-up of my favourites! This time, it is digital favourites, something a little different.
+ Linkedin has to be my recent go-to social media website for work. I love to search up individuals who have my dream job and see what they did to get to the position they are at. I swear it's not as creepy as it sounds!
+ Reading more fashion based blogs and magazine has been happening a lot lately. I'm definitely getting more into the fashion world but am still interested in the beauty side. The two can still link together which is awesome.
+ I seriously have a new addiction with the newspaper called "The Kit." It is a division of the Toronto Star and has information about beauty, fashion and the latest trends. "We’re the style insider who is unafraid to try new looks and inspires you to do the same," - The Kit.
Every Thursday before I go to class, I pick up a copy of The Kit and give it a read. As you can see, I have quite the collection. I just love their articles, photos and everything in between. Now I'm dreaming of the day where they can be my employer *life goals.*
+ I created a new website which I like to call my "home" base. It's through Tumblr where I just post my journalistic work, blog posts, or photography. I also like to link my portfolio there just to have it all in one place. You can check it out here! ""
+ Lastly, I got a new phone, the iPhone 6 in fact, and I am obsessed! I didn't think there would be a huge difference between the previous versions but the bigger screen, better camera, and the finger ID passcode lock is fan-freaking-tastic.
What have been your faves in the digital world?
- Janine Maral