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Early Bird Cafe & Brew Bar

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Early Bird Cafe & Brew Bar
I found another cheeky little cafe from Toronto and naturally, fell madly in love with it.
Every time I make a trip into the city, I check for any interesting cafes I could go to for a sip of some cappuccino. This trend started in the beginning of the summer where I suddenly had the urge to go cafe hopping in the city. Yes, cafe hopping, no not bar hopping.
Early Bird Cafe & Brew Bar opened in the summer of 2013 on Queen St. West just east of Bathurst. From an outer look of the building, it looks small but once you step in, it's a whole other world.
Of course I went for a cappuccino, which costed around $3.50. It was one of the nicest cappuccinos I have ever had but I just had it at a bad time, in the summer heat. The photos I took of it however were worth it.
My friends purchased an iced coffee and lemonade. I absolutely love how they serve it in a mason jar with the handles. Very unique.



Alongside drinks, Early Bird also serves delicious desserts, snacks, sandwiches and more. I had my eye on these mouth watering cookies but resisted (i'm trying to eat a little healthier these days).


How lovely!



Oh hello. Just sippin' away on my latte!



The exposed brick wall gives a nice touch to the modern cafe. It gives the overall atmosphere a feeling somewhat like, "I'm young, doing my studies and getting ready to take on the world ahead of me!"
I especially love the colour of wood they use for their tables (is that weird?). It works seamlessly with the modern yet olden feel and are perfect for the ideal blogger-birds-eye-view-photo-of-my-coffee shot. Am I right? I should also mention they have a patio as well!




Since i'll be in the city way more often, I think this may be my new go-to cafe and I can't wait.

:: Janine Maral