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Christmas Markets

TravelJanine Maral
Christmas Markets
There's a place in Toronto called the Distillery District and during the holiday season, they have a Christmas Market! Apparently It's one of the best Christmas markets in the world so naturally, I had to check it out.
I went on a Thursday afternoon with my friend Chloe then again on the Friday with family friends because it was just that awesome. The atmosphere gets you into the Christmas spirit with lots of holiday foods, a massive Christmas tree, Christmas carollers, and Christmas music! The Distillery District is a historic place itself adding onto this unique vibe.






{Mandatory picture with Santa, obviously}


{Smores on a donut? Yes please!}




{Fancy shoes}




{I seriously want this statue in my room}


For lunch, we went to a Mexican restaurant in the Distillery District called El Catrin. The place itself was colourful filled with awesome artwork at an exciting vibe. Their food was also on point.



There's a well-known bakery in one of the buildings at the Distillery District. I stopped by and picked up some macarons. Never have I tried a red velvet macaron before so I did, and it was unlike anything I've ever had. It was crunchy on the outside but smooth on the inside and not overly sweet.



Well, that was basically my two days at the Distillery District! It really got me into the Christmas Spirit! Happy Holidays!
- Janine Maral