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Berlin Lovin'

TravelJanine Maral
Berlin Lovin'
Well, I just got back from Berlin yesterday. Words cannot describe how much I love this city! The architecture, shopping, people, everything is just unique about it in some way.
Here are photos from my wonderful weekend in Berlin!



A piece of the Berlin wall.



Checkpoint Charlie. Not exactly sure what this is but it is basically a symbol of the Cold War when allies met up and discussed at this point.


One of the largest (or the first largest) malls in Europe. 7 floors of designer goods, food, beauty, etc. It was beautiful.
This was another mall which I can't remember the name of right now. How gorgeous is that Givenchy bag?


Berlin is surrounded with water everywhere.



My delicious lunch.
A few other pictures I took. Look! Dunkin' Donuts!


Me and Darth Vader. Although I am not a Star Wars fan, it is kind of funny to have a picture in front of one of the most important portion of Berlin with Darth Vader. It had to happen and it did.
The pictures below are now from Day 2 in Berlin.



My cousins and I!





I'm not the largest One Direction fan but my cousin is and we spent a solid 20 minutes trying to find this wall. I decided to take a picture with it anyways. Somehow, it was magical and very worth it.



This is literally the best thing ever. It is essentially a bar on wheels where each person who sits has to pedal while getting served from the bar tender. How awesome?

Before I left Berlin, I just had to have my first Haagen- Dazs ice cream and a good Starbucks fix. How cute did the employees write my cousin's name?
We also went to the Blue Man Group show on Saturday night. I couldn't take any photos since it is not permitted, but let me tell you, I left the theatre speechless. They really got the audience involved and the performance all together was outstanding. I highly recommend you see a show if you have never seen them before.
Overall, I am very amazed to see Berlin. It was way more than I expected. I really love it there. 
Have you been to Berlin?
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