A Day in Verona

A Day in Verona
After Venice, my family and I drove to Verona as it was only an hour away for a night. This was basically my day there before we headed back to Germany...


Wifi zone is always perfect when travelling for a social media addict like me.


Let's go in a castle!



The most convenient things ever. Water fountains.

Creepy figures in museums..


My thoughts, "This would be a great place to blog..."

The view of Verona, Italy.



And Jump!



And then I touched Juliette's right boob for good luck..

Oh Romeo Romeo, where for art thou, oh Romeo - is that even correct?




My friend Ally loves to bake. So when I saw this shop, I had to get her an apron with her name on it. Hopefully she doesn't this this because it's a surprise!


Again, very convenient in 40 degree weather.

One of the best pastas ever.

Then we saw an oprah show in the Arena Di Verona. One Direction performed there a few weeks or months ago... I guess it's kind of important.



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