London in February

London in February

A sunset like this on my first night in London? It definitely got me excited for my next few days there. 

My schedule for London was packed, filled with places I wanted to see, things I wanted to do, and food I wanted to eat!  Straight after I got off the plane, I started walking around the city. Somehow I managed to see almost all the main tourist squares within a few hours: from Piccadilly Circus to Soho, Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, and also of course, the London Eye and Big Ben. Lucky enough, the weather was lovely too making the long walks through the busy streets quite pleasant. 


Notting Hill

On my first full day in London, my cousin Cecile and I, who I was visiting, went to visit the houses in Notting Hill along with the market. From there we walked past Kensington Palace and towards Harrods to lust over their food hall.


Best Time to See the City

Through travelling I've learned that the best times to see the city without interruption is at the break of dawn, right before people leave for work or school and before the streets get busy with rush hour traffic. That's exactly what I did to get my ultimate tourist photos with Big Ben, because, when in London, right?

I made Cecile wake up early with me (when I say early, I mean 6AM early!) to be my photographer, as she always is. Didn't she take such great photos?! 


London's Sky Garden

As soon as I booked my flight to London, I reserved two tickets to visit London's Sky Garden near Tower Bridge. Sky Garden is an indoor garden near the top of a skyscraper in London with cafes, restaurants, and a view over the city. Spots fill up fast for obvious reasons; it's free to visit and the view is unlike any other. 


There's the Monument to the Great Fire of London located near monument station and for a couple of pounds, you can actually climb 311 steps up to the top and get a more intimate view of the city!


This was only my second time visiting London but it felt like I've been there multiple times before. There's always something new to see and new to do. Can't wait to be back!

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