Pretty To See, Hard To Catch

Southern Florida has become kind of like my second home, a place I visit mostly to get away from Toronto's cold winters. I guess you could call me a "snow bird." But the more often I visit, the further I challenge myself to find new views of my surroundings and new places to visit. 

Usually what ends up happening is a ton of shopping, cafe hunting, and beach bumming, which I'm totally okay with.


I was gifted this lipstick from my cousins for Christmas. It's one of those shades that you wouldn't reach for yourself but once it's on, it's gorgeous. It really is the perfect your-lips-but-better shade; Chanel 402 Adrienne.


If you're ever in South Beach, make sure you visit Spitfire on 15th and Washington Ave. 

Their gyros sandwiched between their home-made, oven-bake bread with any other addition you'd like makes for the perfect post-beach or post-Lincoln Rd. shopping meal.



Though I'm always on the hunt for new cafe spots, my go-to, for now, is The Seed. Their deliciously made Acai bowls with shredded coconut and freshly brewed coffee will always be my favourite, and I'm not even much of a coffee drinker.