The Top of Germany: Zugspitze Peak

The Top of Germany: Zugspitze Peak

About two weeks ago, I flew to Munich, Germany before I made my move to The Netherlands. While I was there, I set aside one day to cross the first thing off my bucket list while I am in Europe which is to go to the mountains. I couldn't just go to any mountain though, I went to the highest peak and tallest mountain in Germany called Zugspitze. 

The journey from Munich to Zugspitze was 3 hours long and consisted of a car ride to the train station, one short train ride, one long train ride, and one train ride up and through the mountain. I was worried something would go wrong along the way, like if I didn't purchase the right ticket to go up the mountain, but everything was so organized and straightforward without any hassle. 


I couldn't believe the view from the trains; they were just so breathtaking. 



After 3 hours of transportation, we finally got up to the mountain, but not all the way to the peak just yet! We were in the area with lodges and restaurants for anyone who visits or skis and snowboards. 


We took a lift up to the peak and as soon as we got there, we noticed people literally rock climbing down. So fearless but inspiring.


My favourite area of the peak was a section where on side was Germany and the other side was Austria; you're literally in the middle of two countries. And along with that, the view is incredible, of course. Just take a look for yourself:

The 3 hour transportation there and back from Munich was definitely worth it. If you're ever around southern Germany and enjoy adventures like this, I highly suggest to have it on your list!